How I Balance a FT job, Growing Family and a REI Side Hustle

At times I'm questioned how I do all of this…work a highly demanding full time job, have a growing family and obtain a side hustle as a real estate entrepreneur. Being up before the sun and coffee is the short answer but as I dive into this more, there is, indeed MORE. Here are 13 TIPS that work for me (us) and I know they will also work for you.

How to Find REI Opportunities: Just Ask

*Repost from December 2016; as we get into the holiday season, childhood family traditions become nostalgic and lead me back to this little story... "If you can move the house by the end of the month, you can just have the whole thing!" ____________________________________________________________ As the year is coming to an end, the sights, sounds, … Continue reading How to Find REI Opportunities: Just Ask